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With work from home as the normal, build in some time to get motivated career building cloud native technologies for using cloud native foundations. See the learn section below.

Ready to sign up! A reminder on our Spring One Track Guide is published: https://springone.io/2020/sessions

https://springone.io/ (Sept 2-3) Also there is VMworld Event! (Sept 29-Oct 1st)
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Learn and Interact: Live Events!

August 11th 4PM EST – Code it up deploy it anywhere with Buildpacks!

In this session Emily demonstrate how developers can use the pack CLI and Paketo buildpacks to build and upgrade images. Then we will dig into what is happening behind the scenes. Dockerfiles are the defacto tool many developers reach for when transforming source code into images. However, organizations frequently encounter day-2 problems that present serious Cloud Native Buildpacks bring the best operational features of the Cloud Foundry platform to the modern container ecosystem all while providing a seamless developer experience.

August 12th 9AM EST Greenplum Summit Federated Data for the Enterprise

How do you quickly cleanse and munge data in a useful way? In this track, Greenplum users describe how they parse data in parallel, with ANSI SQL or with languages such as Python, R, and Java. Check it out

August 13th 1PM EST A well written User story is worth 1000 lines of Code.

Taj will cover how to write user stories with a simple, narrative approach that succinctly describes the ultimate “why” of each story. Backlogs are easier to work with when everyone understands the intended outcome, how to define “done,” and what risks are involved. This webinar is intended for anyone who writes or reads user stories to build software.

August 14th 5PM EST Event Driven Architecture: Confluent Kafka + VMware Tanzu (Kubernetes)

All are welcome join us as we explore the topics shaping Tanzu!”A weekly Zoom Session MC’d by Tom McDonald with guest speakers and a open Q&A.

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To the podcast - Rohit & Cote provide a walk thru of patterns that work for enterprise transformation. Bonus check out the video with White Board

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