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It's almost 2023, and the cloud-native trends appear to have arrived early.

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A Cloud Native supply chain morning :)

In a week of announcements, discussions, and much hype. I attempted to distill the announcements.

(Source InfoQ)
The article "Architecture Trends 2022" outlines several key trends in software development and architecture that businesses need to be aware of to stay competitive. In particular, the article emphasizes the importance of cloud-native application development, AI and ML, distributed storage systems, real-time streaming, and container orchestration.

Additionally, AWS has recently announced new features to help businesses adopt these technologies, such as Amazon ECS Anywhere, Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow, and Amazon EKS Anywhere. These announcements provide further evidence that cloud-native architectures are increasingly important for businesses to stay competitive. With these new technologies and architectures, businesses can better scale and optimize their applications and services and ensure robust performance.

Software Vendor Workloads Retireing Debt!

During AWS re:Invent 2022, the focus was on improving performance, resilience, and controls in compute, storage, network, hybrid and edge, application development, database, analytics, AI/ML, industry clouds, partners, marketplace, sovereignty, and security. AWS pushed its advantage in custom silicon, multiple instance types, and low costs and high performance in the same offering while emphasizing the need to address data latency and performance concerns with the introduction of Elastic Network Adapters (ENA) Express. Further, they announced a range of capabilities to simplify discovery and sourcing in the marketplace, as well as to support the development of complex applications in the cloud. Finally, AWS focused on delivering robust security solutions with the introduction of Security Lake for secure data management and runtime security for EKS.

I had many chats this week with folks that attended, worked, and covered RE:Invent. There is a clear focus on driving higher-level services and continued improvements.

My key takeaways:

There is continued addition to the complex eco-system of Infrastructure services, the many types of instances make a real case for sizing efforts to become mainstream.
Data gravity is real and more solutions to put data in the ecosystem is continuing, with a real focus on real time protocols and messaging capabilities.
The announcements that focus on industry vertical use cases showed that AWS is focused on about 10 key verticals and 10 peripheral areas. We can expect to see deeper dives into the solution plays for these customers.

I am excited to see the adoption of these services relative to the budgets and appetites for customers, curiously missing was the announcement of any major price drops. Stay tuned as I size up what could be next there.

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