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Sudesh Girdhari

Data Protection for Kuberenets available now

Feature & Function 1 min read

Customers moving through the K8’s journey know that sometimes operating without a backup strategy is painful. Tanzu Mission Control has deployed our first release including a data protection function (watch the video below). Tom Spoonmore has been leading the Tanzu Mission Control effort with data protection and I want to give him a shout out!

That new feature is data protection, which allows for central management of data protection of Kubernetes clusters running across multiple environments. This includes the ability to back up and restore Kubernetes clusters and namespaces.
A brief overview Data Protection.

This article from Software Defined Central is also a good overview. This would not be possible with out the open source Velro project. Link: https://velero.io/

If you need more information check out https://tanzu.vmware.com/mission-control