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Sudesh Girdhari

Building with Akamai | Ready to Launch 2023

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In 2022 I had the opportunity to UI Path on emerging technology capabilities and working with customers and teams to deliver these via customer-facing roles. I enjoy taking chances on new technology; at the beginning of 2022, I started with a new organization, UiPath, which we internally called the “rocket ship,” and I learned so much during my tenure. As with many fast-moving rockets, UiPath quickly adjusted its trajectory. Last week, along with many great members of the team, my journey at UiPath came to an end.

During this same time frame, Akamai Compute was forming their team for 2023 I am excited to announce I have joined Akamai Compute! Coming soon will be more information in the next chapter! Cloud, Edge, and Distributed Compute Solutions!
Ready to work from any rooftop

Job Found

Ideal role:

  • Sales Specialist roles involving moving to Cloud and Kubernetes, including Cloud Native & OSS Technologies.
  • Sales Engineering roles that help customers move their applications & platforms to edge and cloud solutions. (5 -R’s, anyone?)
  • Technical Marketing/Product roles that help teams explain how these solutions assist customers in accomplishing their needs.

If you know of an organization looking to accelerate software development, Cloud capabilities for scale-out, or the cloud-native space, I would love to chat. Over the years, I have written, spoken, and presented shared videos on the topics above. Check out my presence on Linkedin or the post on my blog to get a feel for my style.

Thank You - Sudesh

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