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Sudesh Girdhari

Pouring myself into 2022! A new “Path”, a UiPath

Technology Leadership 2 min read

Last year, I took some time to identify a new organization and leader. I hope it helps you as you think about how your work or career changes shape your next career move. For me, this has meant finding a leader with mutual values. I have always enjoyed leading teams and growing talent for those improving their career options. I put a quick list together of what I look for in a leader and mentor.

They are curious and inquisitive

Curious mentors & leaders help people find meaning at work by exploring, asking questions and engaging people with ideas about the future

Making the move from VMware to UiPath.
They hire and promote values and culture fit

A goal for me is finding someone who remains ambitious in the face of both failure and success, and who pushes their team to remain to look for growth beyond their existing accomplishments.

In my business vertical (Technology Sales, Marketing, and Solutions) folks don’t leave the company they leave a manager. For sustainable values, leaders are more likely to hire people who will find it easier to connect with their colleagues and the wider organization, all of which help to drive a sense of meaning. I looked for an organization that could make an impact on daily work for technology users, both attended or unattended. Given the repeat nature of many work functions helping team members apply Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

They are able to trust people to execute on work

I encourage you to think about how we build our relationships and grow our careers. For 2022 I’ll be focusing on how UiPath helps organizations that build solutions & help them achieve success with modern teams, processes, and a host of new solutions for data. Please do reach out if you are interested in working together!

Climb your mountain.
How did this work for me?

I found a leader that was compatible with my journey and had the experience I would benefit from. I discussed the challenges ahead for the organization (growth, scale, and skills) and discussed how I would make those a priority.

  • Co-created a 30-60-90 plan
  • Identified mentors to help me succeed in my role (each of them based a key OKR)
  • Reviewed how to communicate and when to do so.
  • Built a cadence with key Go - To - Market resources
  • Execute the plan and check-in!
Find your path!