written by
Sudesh Girdhari

Got your eye on a OSS project? How do you know it's going to last? Is it healthy?

Customer Experience 1 min read

I had a great chat with Dawn Foster Director Open Source Community Strategy at VMware in the Open Source Program office. Check out this link to learn more about our contributions and the role that VMware plays in the community.

Dawn’s work is focused on something that every software developer and operations team member should be aware of, the health of an upstream open source project. As a team quickly adopts different projects for the stages of Building, Running, and Managing containers it's often easy to pick up a new project. However, it can be difficult to determine the viability, contributors, and project direction without proper health markers. Check out the video below to learn more!

Dawn walks me thru Career Progress and Project Health!

Check out Dawn’s talk on Open Source project health and much more:

Hungry to learn more check out VMware at KubeCon2021 also our recordings from VMWorld and DevOps Loop.