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SpringOne 2020 Top “Session Picks”

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Trying to decide which sessions to pick? Read on!

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What is SpringOne?

SpringOne is going free and online in 2020. On September 2 and 3, hear from all your favorite speakers and companies along with a host of new experts, and access exciting new content—all as part of your virtual event experience:

  • Catch up on the latest announcements from the Spring and VMware Tanzu product teams.
  • Get inspired by hearing real-world success stories from other organizations.
  • Surf across five tracks of breakout content, presented live over two days.
  • Keep the conversation going on Slack by engaging with speakers and attendees before, during, and after the conference to ask direct questions and build connections.
  • Boost your skills with instructor-led and self-paced workshops.
  • Take a break from the conference content and clear your mind with yoga, activities, music—and a few surprises!

Space is limited—and the first wave of breakouts and free workshops have already been published—so head on over to the SpringOne website to check out the sessions and secure your spot today.

SpringOne Session tracks

The live conference breakouts are grouped into five tracks and will run concurrently across the two days. Choose your own adventure ahead of time; stick with full sessions or surf between interesting topics and catch up with the recordings later. All without the long walks between overflowing breakout rooms!

Beginner-Friendly Spring View the track.

If you’re just getting started developing with Spring, or want to round out your knowledge of Spring’s capabilities, Expect lots of live coding!

Recommended Sessions

Intermediate/Advanced Spring View the track.

Technical deep dives, coding and demos are the name of the game. It is ideal for expert Spring developers looking to stay on the leading edge and keep their coding chops in tip-top condition.

Recommended Sessions

Architecture View the track.

Functions, event-driven architectures, microservices, service mesh, Kubernetes, Spring Cloud, Steeltoe, CI/CD, streaming data. If you’re an application architect designing, building, and implementing architectures using any of these technologies, Expert speakers from VMware, AWS, GM, Confluent, Okta, and Microsoft will share their architectural patterns and advice. See the sessions in this track.

Recommended Sessions

Cloud Native Platforms View the track.

Development meets operations meets automation in this platform-a-palooza track packed full of DevOps, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and more. If your mission is to make Spring (and other) developers productive and successful, then this track is for you.

Recommended Sessions

Agile Leadership View the track.

If you’re responsible for agile processes, team structure, or delivering a technology program, this track has customer stories, industry best practices, and panels to inspire and guide you. Hear from Albertsons, Target, Boeing, T-Mobile, KLM, StateFarm, Tesco, TD Ameritrade, and Morgan Stanley as well as VMware experts, and make a special date with the wide-ranging panel discussions.

Recommended Sessions

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