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Customer Examples that shine come see, learn and contribute with us @ Forward 5 (2022) in Las Vegas, NV

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This article features specific examples of how to achive business impact across three customer videos, Amazon (Finance), Crushman & Wakefield (Documents) and Lumen (Citizen development)

- “HOW” Amazon needed to provide Treasury Cash Management, Trading, Investment & Risk Insurance, and all the technology behind it... ”

Amazon: “We replicated the automation to a few places... and team scaled to a team of 3 or 4 people, later your saving them half a work week”
For Citizen Development: “Not everything needs to be centrally automated..give them the tools to be sucessful”
Hear the customer story from Amazon

- “HOW” Cushman & Wakefield got out from under a mountain of documents, “Certificates of Insurance, Statements, Invoices and everything under the sun for real estate organizations”

Cushman & Wakefield: Enterprise Applications, host data but we need RPA to sit over top of the applications we need.
Operational Efficiency, how do we us the structured data from Document Understanding to drive new insights (and products) for our organization, we belive that this is the ability to help our customers with new formats of information”
Hear the customer story from Cushman & Wakefield

- “HOW” Lumen Technologies (Formerly Centurylink & Level3) empowered Citizen developers to make their teams across customer experience and operations zoom.

Lumen Technolgies: “Citizen Development across 600 employees work on many different areas of the business”... this also enables employees to skill up on taking action across accounting, training and enablement and more areas that would not have had the attention from IT”
Hear the customer story from Lumen Technologies

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