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Modernising Applications: What Do I Run, Where and Why? Join May 13th “Tanzu vForum 2020”

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Its time to learn about “Using cloud-native principals, Kubernetes and containers to build, run and manage apps that are easy to use and simple to consume.​”

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The Tanzu sessions are focused on the following team members:

Platform owners, application owners and cloud-native developers.​
Builders who create, make, develop and enable modern applications.​

Three, inter-connected questions are being reviewed during our topics:

  1. what application do I run?
  2. Where do I run it?
  3. Why - what is the outcome?

Supporting and modernizing legacy apps while adopting new cloud native app practices has forced IT to rethink how it delivers them all securely in a multi-cloud world.​

In this session we will answer these three questions and address why in order to accelerate the pace of innovation, we need to simplify operations and management. Why VMware is the platform on which to #RunAllTheThings, from legacy to any Kubernetes, and why the stand-out platform for modern apps is the Tanzu Portfolio from VMware

The starting point is always about what you need the application to deliver to the business, but then what: What cloud do I use? What platform is right? At what speed to I need to drive this? Do In need to re-platform or refactor it? And how do I even manage all of this? ​

The following are recorded sessions:

  • Run and manage Kubernetes with vSphere 7 (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid)
  • Build, run and manage Kubernetes in a software defined datacenter or cloud (Tanzu Mission Control)
  • Acceleration Strategies for Orchestration, Extensibility and Automation (EDU)
  • Introduction to Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

The following are live labs:

  • VMware Tanzu Mission Control Simulation (F)
  • Project Pacific - Lightning Lab (F)

Questions? Find me @servicexen.com or click to connect on Linkedin

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