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VMware Tanzu Helps US Medic & other provider Organizations Succed with Digital Solutions that improve transformation success.

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VMware Tanzu has a team of specialist focused on helping healthcare organizations succeed. Focused on healthcare organizations considering how to integrate many disparate systems and processes.

Read on if you are healthcare Provider dealing with Insurance, Hospitals, Outpatient and Speciality Medical Groups. Curious about Tanzu Healthcare Success? Link to the Healthcare success stories.

Health care providers are embracing the VMware Tanzu and VMware Pivotal Labs approach to creating lasting value for health care provider organizations.

USMEDIC) engaged with VMware's Pivotal Labs to create, test and deploy a solution that enables healthcare organizations to quickly locate and manage critical medical equipment used to care for patients with Covid-19. In addition to providing equipment location data, the solution allows users to determine equipment's availability for use with patients, request equipment repair service and perform other vital equipment management duties using a smartphone or tablet.

Curious about Tanzu Healthcare Success? Click the link to read the press release!

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