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Discover & Discuss: Target business processes for improvement during the Forward 5 Conference

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Many customers and teams engage with us at UiPath’s Forward Conference to help understand which processes to automate. UiPath lays out details further in this article on Operational Best Practices. Keep reading to find out a bit more about the approach and a video example of how it works. (Come see us in person to get started during Forward 5)

Many customer teams appreciate the Blueprint of a heatmap (See this list of links for many industry-specific examples and get the ebooks) The diagram below is an example of the Outcomes for Contact Center Customer Experience & Service focused initiatives.
An example of where customer experience can shine with automation.

Ready to power up and learn more a quick read that helps teams along is the 4 pillars of the Automated Enterprise!

Wondering what happens when using a heatmap use case with UiPath? Check out this video with a walk-thru example of a healthcare use case.
How a Heatmap could help you identify, and define use cases for your organization.

Sudesh Recommends: Sessions for operational leverage

During forward 5 you will have the ability to gain some great insight below is what I am excited about seeing for the discovery sessions related to Operational Excellence.
  • Continous Discovery: Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a key to leveraging Continuous Discovery.  Understand how the organizations that have successfully transformed their processes and managed to keep them at their optimized state whilst meeting
  • Automation for All: Improve organization and line of business productivity by 30% or more. Understand how every employee can engage with automation in their day-to-day work--and how employees, customers, and your entire organization will benefit from it.
  • Task Mining & Capture: Learn about what UiPath Product teams are “roadmapping” to understand business analysis and future enhancements

Looking for something else and need some help reach out to us directly UiPath Sales & Solutions Engineering Specialist. Need help with something specific? Reach out to our team directly here: Contact Form

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