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Sudesh Girdhari

VMware Cloud - Cost, Control & Speed

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VMware Cloud Launch!

I am excited to announce VMware Cloud, a unified platform, subscription and services solution for customers operating across multiple architectures, apps & cloud.

Attend the Launch Event for an overview: Launch Event

Click the links below to hear from our team!

Ragu R. “Multi-Cloud Services for Any App”

Read about accelerating your app and cloud transformation

Dormain D “ Bringing more Tanzu to 3 Cloud Transformations”

Read about how VMware transforms complex apps/ infra for the cloud

Krish P. “Consume Multi-Cloud Infrastructure through VMware Cloud Universal”

Read about how to unify multi-cloud deployments with common infra. using our subscription services.

Purnima P. “Unify your automation, operations, and logs across a common management plan using a subscription.”

Read about a the launch of our vRealize Subscription for managing across Infra & Cloud.

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