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Tanzu Learn: Week of <Aug 3rd> Register for SpringOne & VMworld

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With work from home as the normal, build in some time to get motivated career building cloud native technologies for using cloud native foundations. See the learn section below.

Ready to sign up! A reminder on our Spring One Track Guide is published: https://springone.io/2020/sessions

https://springone.io/ (Sept 2-3) Also there is VMworld Event! (Sept 29-Oct 1st)
SpringOne - Register.

Learn and Interact: Live Events!

August 4th 4PM EST - Getting Started with Steeltoe and .NET Microservices with David Dieruf

David discusses Steeltoe a project aims to help you get the most out of the cloud, with very little code. By taking advantage of .NET Core’s dependency injection and middleware pipeline, it gives developers instant best practices. Steeltoe also helps legacy .NET Framework apps become instantly modern and make best friends with containers.

Aug 6th 5pm – Join the Southeast team weekly speaker series, have a topic you would like to discuss with your peers?

All are welcome join us as we explore the topics shaping Tanzu! ”A weekly Zoom Session MC’d by Tom McDonald with guest speakers and a open Q&A.”


Business Transformation Simplified - This simple yet effective framework enables teams to develop strategies that not only achieve a successful business transformation, but also ensure that it persists within the organization. That is the only way to make the hard work of transformation continually relevant and valuable to organizations.
Ready to get deploying check out the Beta release of Tanzu Build Service. Start slinging code to containers and deploy anywhere!
Also if you your building apps your going to have a lot of data: Get ready with Spring Data Flow and K8’s.

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