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Tanzu Learn: Week of <July 27th> A week of “3” Live events & Register for SpringOne!

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With work from home as the normal, build in some time to get motivated career building cloud native technologies for using cloud native foundations. See the learn section below.

Ready to sign up! A reminder on our Spring One Track Guide is published: https://springone.io/2020/sessions

https://springone.io/ (Sept 2-3) Also there is VMworld Event! (Sept 29-Oct 1st)
SpringOne - Register.

Learn and Interact: Live Events!

Jul 29 5pm EST - How to ensure you are building the right app [Tanzu Talks]

Weimen & Darryl investigate how you can reduce business risk by implementing ongoing product discovery and lean planning. Learn how you can shorten feedback loops through intensive product discovery and framing methods to maximize productivity, ensuring you start working on building the most valuable software on day one.

Jul 30 8am - Best practices for cloud-native pipelines with GitLab and VMware Tanzu

Cory & Vick explore how VMware Tanzu and GitLab: - Enable companies to meet the challenges of shifting to cloud-native practices - Allow teams to dramatically speed up the process of testing new application code and readying it for production deployment- Use CI/CD to build DevSecOps into your development practices

July 30th 5pm – Join the Southeast team weekly speaker series, have a topic you would like to discuss with your peers?

All are welcome join us as we explore the topics shaping Tanzu! ”A weekly Zoom Session MC’d by Tom McDonald with guest speakers and a open Q&A.”


To our latest discussion on dealing with data

With all the attention on application development, it’s easy to forget about data. Just as agile, DevOps, and cloud native have changed app development, those improvements have changed the world of data as well. In this episode, Bob Glithero tells us all about it. We also discuss haircutting strategies.


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