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Tanzu: 4 Live Events week May 26th, 2020 & 3 podcasts to checkout.

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With work from home as the normal, build in some time to get motivated career building cloud native technologies for using cloud native foundations. See the learn section below.


Podcasts @ your pace with “How To themes” Cloud Native:

“LISTEN” to the latest in technology in building modern software.

There are more VMware Admins out there than Cloud/Platform Engineers... but with vSphere 7 with Kubernetes, that is likely to start to change (Link below)

Tanzu Product Management describes a flurry of recent milestones across the Tanzu portfolio, as well as another round of work-from-home tips. Somehow eight-legged raccoons and rhombus-shaped houses also come up. (Link below)
Listen with Paul Pelafas (@paulpelafas) and Jonathan Regehr (@jonathanregehr) to hear how two different organizations navigated digital transformation journeys. They discuss what "good" looks like, how a healthy software culture is sustained (and destroyed), and the difference between grassroots and executive-led transformations. (Link below)

Learn and Interact: Live Events!

May 26th @ 12pm EST - 1pm EST : Ramp up your team's software production by focusing on writing high-quality code
  • Confidently deliver high-quality production code. As organizations across the globe rethink how they can continuously support their products and services, it is important that they improve how their code is developed and delivered
May 26th @ 3pmEST - 4pm EST : Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes!
  • Its sure to be an interesting discussion as Tiffany moves through the future of K8’s for Cloud Foundary.
May 27th @ 12pm EST - 3pm EST: Blurred Lines: How the Product-Service Continuum is Transforming

In today's COVID 19 situation, the definition of Product vs. Service Company are more blurred then ever with organizations transitioning closer to the middle of this continuum. What does this mean for the evolution of customer experience and service?

May 28th - 1PM EST - 2PM CNCF Project Webinar: Harbor, the trusted cloud native registry for Kubernetes

2020 has seen the biggest jumps in production usage of Kubernetes. Deployments are getting larger as cloud native adoption becomes mainstream. You can’t operate Kubernetes without a registry, making Harbor a key security construct in any cloud native environment. Harbor 2.0 takes a giant leap in expanding the types of supported artifacts by standardizing to the OCI format.

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