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With work from home as the normal, build in some time to get motivated career building cloud native technologies for using cloud native foundations. See the learn section below.

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https://springone.io/ (Sept 2-3) Also there is VMworld Event! (Sept 29-Oct 1st)
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Learn and Interact: Live Events!

Aug 18th (Learn) Aug 19th (Ask Questions) Data Processing with Spring

Data Gravity? Data Flows? Cache? What does it all mean? Well Find out with Michael & Olga! Join us for Data Processing with Spring Streams, batches, and microservices. Oh My! Data integration and related workloads are at the foundation of all enterprise workloads. They ingest streams of events. They process large batches. How do we develop applications to address these kinds of workloads while taking advantage of modern cloud infrastructure to deploy and monitor them?

Aug 18th 4PM EST Cloud Native Culture with Nate

Nate leads us thru with Answers! What changes when we go to the cloud? How do we get there? How does Conway’s law affect the success of our efforts? How can we help people navigate the latest evolution in computing? This talk will explore how cloud native computing impacts more than just our architecture.

Aug 18th 4PM EST (Central) Topic: "Deploying Automated Monitoring"

Nothing beats a Trane! Trane Technologies - "Deploying Automated Monitoring" – Virtual Online Happy Hour More information about North American DevOps Group can be found here: www.nadog.org

August 25th 4PM EST – Code it up deploy it anywhere with Buildpacks!

In this session Emily demonstrate how developers can use the pack CLI and Paketo buildpacks to build and upgrade images. Then we will dig into what is happening behind the scenes. Dockerfiles are the defacto tool many developers reach for when transforming source code into images. However, organizations frequently encounter day-2 problems that present serious Cloud Native Buildpacks bring the best operational features of the Cloud Foundry platform to the modern container ecosystem all while providing a seamless developer experience.

Aug 25 1PM EST - VMware Tanzu Application Service 2.10 & TKGI 1.8: A First Look

Dan, Donna & Jared put on their upcoming release hats! Come join the party as we review what is coming with Tanzu. I’ll be there! We’ll also review the new Tanzu Data Services suite and recap highlights to Spring Cloud Gateway. (Because Data!)

Aug 25th 4PM EST North American Dev Ops (Southeast)

Got a Mortgage processing problem? Featuring Walt Carter, Chief Digital Officer and CIO at Homestar Financial

August 26th 12Noon EST – 6PM Greenplum Summit Data Warehouse Modernization

Jacque, Divya, Tushar, Oz, Venky, Sridhar and Ivan! Warehouse workouts pickup 10 TB and Flex! Are you looking to migrate off of a proprietary data warehouse? Ready to embrace open-source technologies and commodity hardware instead? So many organizations have already made the move to a modern data warehouse. In this track, IT leaders that have successfully modernized will share how they did it and give advice to others looking to make the switch.

Aug 27 11PM EST - Empower your teams to move forward, faster [Tanzu Talks]

Dial into our Agile Series for Part 3! There is a misconception that “agile” means faster delivery, however it really means being able to quickly react and respond. In this 4-part webinar series, we’ll be sharing some of the ways we help our clients adopt modern, agile practices for building software, so that they can respond faster to changing customer needs.

- How User-Centered Design, Lean Planning and Extreme Programming can work together to help to shorten feedback loops
- How agile teams can be organized and supported across the business
- How tools like OKRs, OGSM and Growth Boards can help achieve strategic alignment between teams

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