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With work from home as the normal, build in some time to get motivated career building cloud native technologies for using cloud native foundations. See the learn section below.

With SpringOne complete, Keep your learning and innovation primed with the next VMWorld 2020

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Learn and Interact: Live Events!

Tuesday Sept. 8th 4pm EST Let’s Build a Twitch Bot! Featuring Spring Boot and Project Reactor

Josh Long, Spencer Gibb & Brian McClain! You may have seen it in your favorite streamers channel: A bot reminding you of an upcoming event, showing their uptime, and offering unique features to improve the experience for the viewer. Behind the scenes you might assume code watching every line of code, ready to respond to pre-programmed commands. But what happens when the channel has 1k views? 10k? 100k? All chatting and interacting, exchanging thousands of messages a second.

Wednesday Sept. 9th 12noon – 3pm EST Parallel Postgres: Community Innovation Showcase

Postgres is the world’s most popular open-source database. In this track, we’ll showcase the strength of the community with select innovations from the Greenplum ecosystem, and how they’re creating business value for some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations

Thursday Sept 10th 11pm EST <LATE> Measuring what matters to make data-informed product decisions [Tanzu Talks]

Jamie & Darryl Take on the next edition in the series: Part 4: In this webinar we will discuss why, once a software-based product is in the wild, user behaviour metrics become a critical source of insights and learning. We'll review the AARRR Analytics Framework (a.k.a. Metrics for Pirates) and discuss how the implementation of user activation and user retention metrics varies, depending on the type of product and business model.

Watch and Learn!

Nate Schutta’s new eBook, Responsible Microservices, is now available https://tanzu.vmware.com/content/ebooks/responsible-microservices-ebook
Mark Heckler is featured in a new video explaining “What is Spring?” — great intro for exec audiences https://youtu.be/Spzug_SjJnMListen & Watch:

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