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Tanzu Learn: Week of <July 13th> A week of “3” Live events & SpringOne Register!

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With work from home as the normal, build in some time to get motivated career building cloud native technologies for using cloud native foundations. See the learn section below.

Ready to sign up! A reminder on our Spring One Track Guide is published: https://springone.io/2020/sessions

Also signup for this years! https://springone.io/ (Sept 2-3) Also there is VMworld Event! (Sept 29-Oct 1st)
SpringOne - Register.

Learn and Interact: Live Events!

July 14th 2.30 PM EST Jul 14 - Beyond Scanning: Security and Incident Response in a Cloud-Native World

Steve & Tsvi – Walk you thru Tanzu Container Operations security.

  • Ensure compliance configuration best practices across both Tanzu Application Service (TAS) and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
  • Effectively identify and respond to security incidents in your cloud-native environment
  • Monitor, detect and granularly block suspicious activity in runtime for both TAS and TKGI environments
Jul 16th 1 PM EST - UCD After MVP: How to Leverage User-Centered Design for Every Release

Dani – Helps us understand what makes users happy, release after relasee!

  • Using modern tools to determine when an MVP feature-set is successful
  • Revisiting insights from initial discovery to quickly build actionable backlogs
  • Orienting product releases toward business outcomes to align product priorities within and across teams
July 16th 5pm EST - Its a Cluster * API :) Just ask Mike (on July 16thth)

For teams who wish to provision directly and programmatically VMs (not through some manual steps that involves vSphere admin folks). Or even application services such as DBs, KV-stores, ML engines, etc. The Cluster API is a Kubernetes project to bring declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster creation, configuration, and management. It provides optional, additive functionality on top of core Kubernetes.

Even better is “Mike”, our very own Technical guru here in the Southeast, is planning on walking you thru the basics, and the technical underpinnings of how it all works.

One More Shout out! TKG for vSphere, its time to get powered up! Kenny Coleman published a three-part series introducing TKG for vSphere, with YouTube videos to go along with each one.

SpringOne its kinda of a big deal

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