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Sudesh Girdhari

Leading Technology Organizations Thru Change. Understanding modern "Life" Cycles.

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As we in the United States & around the globe face an unprecedented challenge to the way we live our lives carry out our business and care for our loved ones. I stepped back this week to look at how we can provide leadership and support to those around us.

TL;DR: Communicate Openly, Crowd-sourcing Ideas, & Balance

For those of us in enterprise technology organization, take a moment to Communicate Openly, something. I am especially drawn to is guest speaking to the MBA classes @ Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, GA (I was lucky to catch the last class prior to the USG closing the Universities). I spend some time every year doing this, and I find it a great way to get some new ideas. I also get direct feedback on if my communication is effective and content relevant to a diverse audience of folks.

In corporations often we get a good deal of communication. How often do we use a tool/feedback loop to see how our message landed? In times of change its important what we say is what people hear.

We all learn: Build Leaders & Share your experience: " Ask what your audience learned (Click to see the interaction report)"

Georgia Tech MBA Students Soaking in Modern Application Challenges.

For my family "gathering ideas" for destinations comes from our close friends using crowd-sourcing as we choose a destination, often we learn about culture, people and customs during this discussions. Our travel hobby has been focused on creating ways for us to spend quality time together for us this means learning about places and travel. Given the social distancing in place this has given us some time to grab a Atlas and dream up some great road-trips including a review of the best parks to visit.

Gather Ideas & Sharpen: Our best ideas are sharpened with wider input
Gathering Group feedback and communicating during this time can be helped with this HBR article (reach out to me if you would like to request it)

As we lead our teams, peers, and family through times that have unknown outcome a key is balancing the efforts we place on healthy work-life balance.

As work from home becomes a reality for us all achieving balance, means understanding our individual needs. It is important for us as workers & leaders to grow our professional identities, with ones that leave space for family, community, and that find meaning in activities beyond work. Even for those of us that love throwing ourselves into our work (raising my hand here). We need to place value in our leisure time, we will more easily be able to find balance & reparations

A goal for me is to view free time as time for rest, recharge, and the cultivation of new skills & interests, some of which will benefit my work role as well.

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