written by
Sudesh Girdhari

Farewell 2020, A great start to 2021!

Technology Leadership 1 min read

2020 has certainly been a remarkable year and I wanted to send out 100’s of holiday cards out. (* I decided to give the post office a bit of break) Read on for a brief 3 min retrospective

In the 2021 year I encourage you to think about how we build our relationships and grow our careers. I’ll be focusing on organizations that build software & helping them achieve success with modern applications, containers and a host of new solutions for data. Please do reach out if your interested in working together !

My daughter starting her coding journey!
It took a while to get into the swing of things for our family! We made home the heart, with endless zoom calls, the best wifi & cooking as a past time.
In a big change from 2019, No need to check if “our tray tables were properly secured.” We did buckle up for some trips to the beach!
The change in travel

I wish you all be best in 2021 stay safe, healthy and positive signup if you want to follow along in 2021.