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Sudesh Girdhari

Xlabs: Learn about how VMware develops and designs for the future join me. *(I am not a fortune teller, however Tasha Drew maybe)

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Is it a Fortune Machine or is it a future teller: Tasha Drew lays it out.

I had a great, talk with Tasha Drew Advanced Technologies Group, Future State Incubator (VMware Office of the CTO). We discuss what is coming in the Xlabs incubator and how the Office of the CTO, think about projects that deserve merit in the next 3-5 years.

Tasha and I talk about recent announcements and conference talks

Ready to dive in and learn more? About the future of what we are working on at VMware, I learned a lot in this discussion and wanted to share the links below that I found most influental.

DevOps Loop 2021

VMWorld 2021:

KubeCon 2021:

Interested in how to team up with xLabs reach out to Tasha Drew.