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Sudesh Girdhari

What's up with Knative 1.0? Need to build a SaaS Software Platform! Listen up.

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An example of what folks can do with PPT!

I enjoyed the conversation I had with Mauricio about how he built his learning with Kubernetes, a great conversation about moving from SaaS to KNative. Mauricio shares his understanding of how to apply Helm, KNative, and CrossPlain. Thinking about which of these work in your environments? We also covered a couple of examples that Mauricio helped move forward into SaaS operating models for production. I learned a good bit and I hope you do as well.

Sudesh & Mauricio Chat about KNative SaaS and others!

DevOps Loop 2021

VMWorld 2021:

KubeCon 2021:

Tools That I Wish Existed 3 Years Ago To Build a SaaS Offering - Mauricio Salatino, VMware

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