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Sudesh Girdhari

It's official! Cluster API 1.0 is a go! Join me as I uncover what this means with Vince Prignano.

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Vince Prignano & Sudesh Get down to details on Cluster API progress

Read the announcement: https://www.cncf.io/blog/2021/10/06/kubernetes-cluster-api-reaches-production-readiness-with-version-1-0/

Checkout the SIG for Cluster Lifecycle :

The Cluster API project is central to VMware’s efforts to bring cloud native tools to a wider audience. VMware empowers its enterprise customers in their transformation journey, and Cluster API provides a consistent experience across infrastructure providers in a multi-cloud world. By working with a wide set of others in the community, we can, as that community, make it easy to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters in a consistent way across all sorts of infrastructure — from vSphere to public cloud to bare metal. The newly released ClusterClass feature further simplifies things by providing a much simpler interface for defining and sharing cluster patterns. By creating a better toolset for platform teams, they can, in turn, provide even more automatic, fast and easy internal products to application teams. The end result is app teams shipping faster and safer. - Joe Beda
We are proud to have walked the journey with the Kubernetes community from CAPI’s inception to its current production ready form. As a system it fundamentally redefines the model for deploying and maintaining Kubernetes clusters, bringing the power of Kubernetes control patterns to the world of infrastructure management at scale. Hearty congratulations to the community on the v1.0 release. We look forward to this project’s future, not only as a fundamental part of our Tanzu product line but as an increasingly fundamental part of the vibrant Kubernetes ecosystem. - Craig McLuckie

Ready to get started: https://cluster-api.sigs.k8s.io/user/quick-start.html