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Sudesh Girdhari

Day 1| KubeCon 2023 | Architecting Productivty | Spotify | Intuit | Shopify, Uber, Lyft | Projects that sizzle.

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When I started my journey 20 years ago into tech, I thought I’d be setting up SAP deployments all my life (Thank You Scientific-Atlanta). However the theme’s here on Day 1 are architecting and innovation. The use cases I spotlight here are just a sample of successful teams, delivering platforms and tooling that move the technical infrastructure, software and development teams all together.

Lake Side Chicago, KubeCon 2023

Backpacks & Backstage: https://backstage.io/

Spotify is a leading example of how Backstage can be used to improve the way that organizations develop and manage software. By using Backstage, Spotify has been able to increase developer productivity, improve code quality, and reduce costs.
Spotify announced that they were using Backstage to manage their massive codebase and to provide their developers with a single place to go to find the tools and resources they need. Spotify is a pioneer in the use of cloud-native technologies.

Don’t ARGO with Me: https://argoproj.github.io/cd/

Inuit contributed and Built and is using Argo CD, organizations can gain a number of benefits, including reduced errors, improved efficiency, increased agility, and reduced costs.

  • Deploy a new feature to its QuickBooks Online (QBO) product. The feature allowed QBO users to import data from a wider range of sources.
  • Deploy a new security patch to its TurboTax product. The patch fixed a vulnerability that could have been exploited by attackers.
  • Intuit used Argo CD to deploy a new configuration change to its accounting software. The change allowed the software to better handle the reconciliation of bank statements.
Argo CD helped Intuit to deploy the feature to its production in just a few hours, which was much faster than the traditional manual process.
Projects produce products

Be my Envoy : https://www.envoyproxy.io/

Envoy has been a valuable tool for Shopify, Uber, and Lyft. These companies have all been able to achieve significant business outcomes by using Envoy to manage their API traffic, microservices architecture, and security policies. Envoy has helped these companies to reduce costs, improve performance, increase agility, and enhance security.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs: Shopify has been able to reduce its infrastructure costs by using Envoy to manage its API traffic. Envoy has helped Shopify to consolidate its API gateways and to reduce the number of servers that it needs to run.
  • Improved application performance: Shopify has been able to improve the performance of its applications by using Envoy to load balance traffic and to cache responses. Envoy has helped Shopify to reduce latency and to improve user experience.
  • Increased security: Shopify has been able to increase the security of its applications by using Envoy to enforce security policies. Envoy has helped Shopify to prevent unauthorized access to its applications and to protect its data from cyberattacks.

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